Collaboration with Curt Branscombe of Fountain Street Design has been an amazing experience. As a small business owner myself, it’s important to me to work with individuals who demonstrate the highest professional and ethical standards. Curt has an in-depth knowledge of the music industry and a wonderful grasp of what is fresh and current within the world of design. He possesses a rare, can-do attitude and will tackle any project, large or small, with the same delightful enthusiasm.

Jennifer Crafton | Crafton Designs

Curt is by far one of the most talented, creative and helpful people I’ve ever met. Right in the middle of a big festival I was managing, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get our live streaming back up and running. Curt dropped everything he was doing in his busy schedule to come over and save the day. If you want reliable and consistency, Curt is your man.

Justin Grimaldo | JG Productions

Curt’s responsiveness and dedication to his clients at Fountain Street Design make him an ideal creative partner for any project.

Marianne Morse | Video Producer / Co-Owner, Morse Media

Will use your services for all my upcoming projects!

James Harris | One Solution at a Time