Nurturing Your Vision Into Reality.


Who We Are

Fountain Street Design was founded by Curt McMurray-Branscombe and is made up of talented freelance artists who enjoy creating and empowering people to succeed in their passions. With years of combined experience and knowledge, our team can provide effective services that engage your customers and audience. No job is too small or too large for us. We would love to offer you a free quote and consultation to see ways that we can help grow your vision. If you are ready to jump in with us let’s get started.

Our Mission

We enjoy using multiple mediums to showcase marketing media that creates a story theme that is cohesive and concise. While methods and tools are constantly changing, we are excited to find new ways to communicate messages through these new innovations. It’s our desire to empower you by capturing your message through multimedia and print content and making it accessible to your audience.

Curt 1x1

Meet Curt, our Creative Director.

Our Process

01 | Project Vision

This is the first and most critical step to the design process. During our first engagement, our job will be to listen, understand and take notes while you share your dreams and details related to your project.

02 | Research

Our goal is to learn and understand your market allow your project to stand out and captivate your audience. During this stage, we will gather quantitative data and qualitative insights by seeking information on competitors, audience, and trends related to your market.

03 | Strategic Brainstorm

With your vision and our research, it’s now time to hit the drawing board. As we brainstorm ideas, we will look at color, typography, symbols, use of space, video storyboarding, instrumentation, content copy that strategically express and support your message.

04 | Sketching Ideas

Many good ideas have been birthed on a cafe napkin. In this stage, we will draft up multiple sketches that will present you with some ideas before making things final. This ensures that no time is wasted on perfecting something you have no interest in. Once you are completely happy with the sketch we will then move on to building the design.

05 | Design Development

With the vision, research and sketches, it’s now time to handcraft your project. This is an exciting moment where you will get to see your vision come to life through multiple drafts of the sketched idea. As you join our team, your feedback will be critical in this stage to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the end results.

06 | Presenting And Integration

Once you have chosen a draft version and the revisions are made, it’s time for the finishing touch. Our team will make sure you have all the files needed and a plan of action in place for a successful transition into the implementation of the polished product.

07 | On-Going Support

At Fountain Street Design, we believe in lasting relationships that extend beyond just the initial product. We believe in our clients and the success of their vision which is why we invest the time and research into your market. As we earn your trust, our team is ready to support your ongoing needs so that you can do more creating and less explaining.

Lets Get Started.

Please fill out your information on the form and include your phone number if you would like a call back. Our team will respond to all inquires with 1-2 business days.